August 18, 2014

The Side Dish: Lately {Volume 6}

Hello! Hello!

I have finally emerged from The Moving Abyss. It's been a busy month and a half but a fun one! Now that we are finally settled into our apartment and not tripping over boxes, my head finally feels clear enough to blog again and bring you a few updates. I've been quieter than usual on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook while we focused on moving and unpacking and All The Things To Do when you have to move, but I'll soon be tweeting, instagramming and status-updating as usual. 

Can I just tell you how exhausting moving is? Mercy. We're total veterans at the sell-a-house-and-move-to-a-new-one thing and we've amassed a cache of logistical and organizational tips and tricks that always serve us well, but the exhaustion part always stays the same. I lost track of how many times I almost wanted to burst into tears while packing up just the things in my kitchen. And that was after a careful culling and umpteen trips to Good Will and the consignment store. I thought it was never going to end. I started hearing the screetch of the tape gun in my sleep. Sienna didn't know what to make of this moving thing either. 

But we survived. Hallelujah! We moved to an adorable one bedrrom/one bathroom apartment while our new house is under construction (!!!), and we love it. It actually feels a little like we're on vacation since we currently don't have to do any of the typical homeowner-type tasks like cleaning out the garage, remembering to put out the trash and mowing the lawn. And I have to toot my own horn a little here, because I packed just the right amount of things to bring with us and organized this place "like a boss", as the kids say. 


After about a week of eating out often, it finally feels nice to eat home-cooked meals. Last weekend, I baked up a batch of delicious Banana Walnut muffins using my favorite recipe for Banana Bread

I also added this lovely (and huge) cookbook to my collection. I absolutely and totally love it. It's filled with traditional regional recipes, many of which I have never heard of or tried. I'm pretty excited to cook from this if I could only figure out where to start!

The other day, while running an errand, I discovered that the shopping center in our area is getting a Pure Barre! I nearly fainted from the excitement. I tried a barre-style class with my friend Allie when I visited her in Oklahoma City back in March, and it was fun and a great workout (even though I could barely walk the next day). I can't wait! Time to buy some "sticky socks"!

I've also recently decided to try running. What?! I have never thought I would attempt running, but as my 40th year on this earth quickly approaches, I have decided that I want to get fit--really fit--more than I ever have been in my life. I've decided that the start of my 40's is going to be filled with goals that make me a better person not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally. So, I downloaded the Couch to 5K app onto my iPhone and got fitted for a good pair of running shoes. Now I just have to start! I hear a lot about the "runner's high" and how once you develop the endurance for running, you get addicted. Have any of you done Couch to 5K? Leave me any advice in the comments. Oh, and pray for me. It's still so hot here in Texas that I'm thinking I must be a special kind of crazy to want to run in this heat and humidity. 

Before I sign off, here is a little more lovliness from the Internet I want to share with you:

My most favorite Italian appetizer, suppli al telefono, are getting some serious makeovers in Rome. P.S. I plan on bringing you a blog post about these, I promise!

Here is another great article about how my favorite celebrity chef and restauranteur, Lidia Bastianich, has built her career around both food and family. Yet another reason I love her.

Why plates with curved edges are great for parties. So smart.

How to properly dress a salad. This article is perfection and a must-read for any salad-lover.

My friend Annalise knocks it out of the park again with this gorgeous Rustic Tomato Zucchini Pie with Cornmeal Crust. This is savory baking at its seasonal best.

I'll be back soon with a new recipe. A presto!

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So nice getting to meet you last night at the How Sweet Eats event! Good luck with the new house building!:)


Congrats on the new move, and especially on building a house! We hope to do that one day. So glad you got a copy of La Cucina! I love that book. Best wishes with continuing to settle in.

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